No hype on this award…. We should encourage the youths more and I guess it is because there is very little scandal and no “flesh showings” that has made this perverted generation show no interest…..


“The “Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards,” also known as the KCAs or Kids Choice Awards, is an annual awards show that airs on the Nickelodeon cable channel, which airs live and is usually held and telecast live (though with a three-hour time delay for those watching in thePacific Time Zone or on the Nick 2 feed on digital cable that simulcasts the Pacific time zone feed) on a Saturday night in late March or early April, that honors the year’s biggest television, movie, and music acts, as voted by Nickelodeon viewers.

Winners receive a hollow orange blimp figurine, a logo outline for much of the network’s 1984–2009 era, which also functions as a kaleidoscope”. Here are some red carpet pictures

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There has been twitter war between Nigerians and Kenyans with #someonetellkenya and #SomeoneTellNigeria, I was able to pick out some horrendous, over humorous comments by some Nigerian comedians #harsh

But I cannot categorically tell you the cause of the fight as I am more interested in bringing you the twitter rants…lol.  Meanwhile I read it was about the claimed illtreatments Kenyan football stars got in Nigeria as they trained for their match against super Eagles of Nigeria on Saturday. The picture below shows the state of a dilapidated primary school where these guys  used for training on Wednesday….lolz…


NFF(Nigerian Football Federation) slammed Kenyans, saying they chose what happened to them as they refused to disclose details of their arrival to Nigeria so that proper arrangements will be made for them. Atleast chiling in a nice hotel,training at the National stadium etc I would think..hehe. :



However, Kenyans felt…

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I guess the lesson here is to never give up on your dreams



This justifies the quote by Jesse Jackson “If you fall behind, run faster.Never give up, never surrender, and rise up against the odds.”

The British girl band with four albums and 14 singles, finally made it to the top of the chart as number one for the first time, with their song “What About Us”. The beautiful stars celebrated their victory last night.

Meet the Saturdays individually as they step out in Style;


For your listening pleasure, the song that took them to number one  “What About Us”.  The song already has 6,511,646 views  on youtube.

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Now that is what I call style


Oh boy! When I grow up I wanna be like, atleast this fast car can be driven on a good road, safe and secured environment. Also the amount of money($900,000 which is about 142 million naira) spent on this car, will make some people stop disturbing our lives with their kobo kobos in Naija…*Bad belle*….LMAO


This ride is soooo wicked! I just wanna jump on it and race with whoever is interested..till I scream my head off…lol


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Black lady preaching with her boobs ???????


Since after watching the video I have just been  short of words,  honestly I really am short of words right now,  “gospel from a strippers pole” but then they refer to the bible,  so is that a Christian bible or a stripper bible and then the husband again speaks about the lord, I really  hope they do not mean the lord as in “Lord Jesus” ….OMG 2 mins in she quotes the Christian bible.. Isaiah 41…. I give up!!!  So she is a Christian… they are Christians…

This is just so awkward … . I have always been an advocate for freedom of dressing and self expression, but this is a bit out of the limit and her husband is fine with it?  Surely you are free to dress as you like but we’d  expect that some level of modesty and decency is applied… but then again who am I to judge?

She probably was once a…

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More unfortunate news am afraid… More pleasurable then painful deaths 🙂

In Zimbabwe a lady called Sharai Mawera is reported to have been mauled to death by a lion who pounced on her while having sex with her boyfriend who fled the scene with only condoms on and no single piece of clothing.

The boyfriend is said to have apparently heard the Lion roar and was able to get away faster than his girl friend who might have been lost in pleasure and possibly mistaken the roar for her boyfriend’s sex noise… two lessons here –

1. Men do not always mean it when they say they are ready to die for you, cos this guy took off when death came knocking.

2.If you must have a quicky in the bush, perhaps do not take off all your clothes because such emergencies could happen ( the guy ran out naked…

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They just know how to behave anyhow in that Nigeria walahi…


An  Average Nigerian Can’t Afford Tickets To See Their Favorite Celebrities Perform:

Here are some of the examples of my out cry:

1. AY Show: Join AY Live this Easter Sunday the 31st of March 2013 at Eko Hotel and Suites for another spectacular comedy event titled ‘The Old and New Testaments’.

Gate Fee: Regular Tickets N5,000 ($31.75 or £); VIP Tickets N20,000($127.02); Tables are N500,000($3,175.50) and N1m ($6,351.00)

 Can you freaking beat that? Tickets from #5000 to 1million naira?


Tickets: N5,000.00 and N25,000.00

Tables: N500k and N1million

3. IYANYA Vs DESIRE Album Launch Concert

Tickets: N5k Regular and N25k VIP

Tables: N500k and N1million

4. Kim Kardashian was reportedly paid a whooping sum of $500,000 -N75m all for saying ‘Hey Naija’ on stage of which attendees paid tickets cost N100,000, or $640.. Now can you beat that? Am not surprised people are asked to…

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