I have always believed in love at first sight… Happy valentine y’all


Special thanks to all those that sent in their stories, I loved them all but only one takes the top place and can be featured on our post today and that is Anna and Steve love story, I absolutely loved it well done guys wishing you the best…. see story below:

It was Love at first Sight……

Anna tells her story:

“Ok I know a lot of people do not believe in Love at first sight, some say it is just cheeky and others think it’s probably lust at first sight, mere physical attraction, but I can confidently say 5 years down the line, I am still crazy about my boo, if it was just lust or physical attraction it would have faded away by now so you see there is love at first sight and our story is truly one.

We  first met back in 2008, (when I…

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So what then is the secret to a fabulous body like this at 57 , plastic surgeries, botox or proper diet and regular exercise? A combination of all… no point racking my head about it. Anyways at 57 she sure has an amazing body, I am not sure about you though….*winks*

Read the amazing story of Gullian: according to the report she has never had a surgery it is just good diet and exercise, so see why I say be careful with “AKPU” (AKPU is a local Nigerian food high in carbohydrates). So if you are not Nigerian but have high carbohydrate food in your country, just help yourself and cut down your intake…lol.

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Seriously how many men till you have had enough Katie?… In less than four weeks into married life you are already complaining*MTSHEEW*…. perhaps there should be a ban on the maximum number of men a woman is allowed to marry during her life time and vice versa… Just imagine that there are some women still looking for the man of their dreams, and these “old girls” (celebrities) keep snatching all the young men around…. Anyways He is not really the right kind of man though….*ouch*

So maybe it is true what they say… that you rush into marriage…you’ll rush out of marriage. She dated her stripper boyfriend Kieran Hayler for only six weeks  before they got married  last month, insisting, “she was just following her heart.” So where has her lame oh no precious heart gone now…crappy crap!!

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I wonder what kind of Sex he has been having…. YOGA BETTER THAN SEX really?


I guess is Russel Brand is talking to singles and dating. You know sex before marriage isn’t appropriate…lol. So instead of disobeying this natural law, kindly resort to YOGA so you won’t sin against God or your parents…Ha!

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Russel said: “The yoga centre I had been going to sacked our instructor, so I have moved everyone into my house. I had 30 people doing it in my house.”

Even Demi Moore, 50, has now been drawn into the same sweaty circle by the comedian’s charms.

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Ankara in itself is a fabric of luscious designs, very colorful and appealing to the eyes, made of cotton. This fabric can be worn for any occasion as far as it’s tailored to suit the occasion. The  Ankara style is fast gaining acceptance and popularity around the world, London CNN also discovered that Selfridges London now stock up fashion brands from Nigeria and even our very own  Beyonce was pictured flaunting her unique figure in a sexy Ankara attire.

The popularity of this fantastic and uniquely designed attire did not come easy, several promoters and designers have worked hard in the past to make it desirable and fashionable via different platforms.

The Ankara Festival is one of such platforms and was first introduced in Nigeria back in 2006 by the illustrious  creative and articulated TV personality  Femi Amusan popularly known as Femi BEN TV (Head of Entertainment at BEN TV UK) .

The Ankara festival legacy…

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