The UK has been hit with very severe snow fall in the last week and has led to numerous disruptions, cancelled flights closed businesses / schools etc. However out of this calamity we have found out that more and more family relationships have been strengthened perhaps then it is true that every cloud has a silver lining. Speaking with Carla (Carla is a lovely 6 year old who just happens to be very happy to spend time with her dad). The other day Carla said she had not played with her dad in a long time, in her own words “he is too busy for me”. She grinned and continued by saying, thank God for the snow, it has prevented him from going to his 7 days a week shop which meant  he had to stay at home with me for the first time in a long time and in…

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20 year old singer, one-time Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus poses bra -less for the cover of  Cosmopolitan’s March issue with only very little left to the imagination. While been interviewed she spoke about her love for her fiancé Liam Hemswort, who she described as   the hottest guy of her life and her family who she said are solidly behind her  and fully support her career.

And the I ask again does this then mean that there has to be some level of nudity for every celeb? is that how the mark is being set? is that the new standard for show biz ?#justasking

Any ways she did not reveal too much though  in this photo shoot but you cant help but wonder what is next, how far will she be willing to go next time around,  some described this as ” Miley Cyrus’s campaign to transform herself from teen queen to Tinseltown sexpot has…

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Celebrities getting full of themselves


D’banj an influential and talented Nigerian artiste currently signed to G.O.O.D Music record label and enjoying the company of the US big boy Kanye West, has responded angrily to a fan who misconstrued his tweet. In the tweet he tells his fans that this week is gonna be great and full of surprises and then he posted below picture which he says was a sneak peak:

Unfortunately, D’banj has had issues with his former Nigerian label “Mohits records” before moving to USA to work with Jay-Z’s right hand man Kanye. He posted the above picture of what looks like a logo and has an abbreviation “DKM” but a tiny print reading out “D Kings Men”.

So instead of this fan acknowledging what D’banj says DKM  means, he decided to stir up old wounds by saying D’banj meant “DKM” to be “D’banj Killed Mohits”….Lol, I know D’banj didn’t find it funny…

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Awsome piece, this is surely a problem in most relationships


Sundays are usually my lazy about days and I go round reading stuff on what’s happening around the entertainment industry and the world in general, something caught my fancy (Kelly Brookand  hanging out with ex Danny Cipriani), I went straight into reminiscing mode, I just sat down and reflected on all the challenges a lot of relationships suffer due to interference from the exes and this sort s of remarks ” we are just hanging out”…. ” we are just friends” … “I cant be enemies with him/her just because we are no longer dating”.

This is indeed a very juicy and sensitive issue, most couples I have had the opportunity to counsel or speak with have identified this as one of the major challenges their relationships face. In fact, I remember a couple who called off their wedding plans just few months before their set wedding date as both could not reach a balance with this ex issues.

Most couples…

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Even at 43-years  old the fantastic Jennifer Lopez  with over 10 years in the show/ entertainment industry still has one of the most fantastic figures, but in recent picture of her photographed during the movie premier of the Parker, which was released yesterday the 25th of January. J-Lo was spotted to be wearing a tight long dress which seemed as though she didn’t wear any form of underwear. But in this age an time, the strap of her pant could be invisible,  except if my eyes are deceiving me, all I can see is Jennifer Lopez dressed in a gown that showed her skin indicating she is not wearing anything under.

This is the 3rd Hollywood celebrity wearing a provocative dress in a row, first Nicole Scherzinger, Second Rihana and now J-Lo. Make sure you don’t dress like them in my honest opinion!!!

In the movie Jennifer stars alongside the brilliant Jason Statham who…

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Naija London Style is a parody of the hit ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY peformed by Kasaskie, Jay Mazive and Illah flesh. This is not for profit and no copyright infringement intended.

PSY Gangnam Style is currently the most viewed music video on youtube world wide with over hundred and eighty-four million views. I was wondering why and what’s so special about this video. So I removed my sentiment hat and wore my analytic hat. Then I found out that the song/video is intense, funny, creative, singing/dancing(a bit challenging), rich story line and animal added style (horse dancing style) for humor. So guys wanna make a hit video with millions of views then apply my findings…lol.

Our Naija London boys are representing us wella here in the UK and worldwide. We are very proud of them, they keyed into the fun of psy gangnam style and immediately interviews from popular UK TV and radio stations like BBC…

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